Since a basic set of data doesn’t exist for this platform, it has to wait for users to share their data in order to create the necessary corpus. To solve this cold start problem, research into how to reward, prompt, and/or motivate those who contributed initial information to the platform should be done.

One important distinction between this concept of platform and the primary principle of Blockchain technology is that this platform is not perfectly decentralized. To ensure the credibility of the platform, it is vital that the content be of high quality and that all information is accurate. To that end, centralizing some parts of the platform in order that they are controlled was inevitable. In the future, discussions–what extent decentralization can be achieved within the scope of maintaining high-quality content–  should be implemented.

Through the capstone project, the concept suggests a platform that utilizes Blockchain as a method of creating, accessing, and managing data on social problems, but ultimately, the whole concept of this project aims to solve social problems through this platform. Therefore, through further research, it is necessary to expand its role so that the platform can provide solutions for solving social problems.

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