How can Blockchain technology→ change the world? This concept explores how the principles of Blockchain technology can serve as a guide to influence public behavior toward the achievement of the commonweal. Thus, this research investigates the core applicable principles of Blockchains.

This map, a historical and contextual framework, focuses on the evolution of foundation technologies for Blockchain and highlights the principles of Blockchain as the key on this concept–encryption, decentralization, and open-source. The map shows the overall concept, and the data obtained from the research shows a certain correlation, showing the direction toward the goal–commonweal.

Here we apply the blockchain technology with the notions of fractals and social construction inherently to social issues. Experimental models that expose the system to small test groups will allow testing of expectations when this framework is applied to concrete social, behavioral, and environmental circumstances. The application of blockchain technology to human behavior is theoretical. Therefore, while the role of Blockchain’s principle is crucial, this concept does not go into the technical details behind it pragmatically. Instead, it is used as a symbol, metaphor, and contextual frame model.

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